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Lance & Annie Levine

The Rain Could Not Damper This Wedding!


Lance and Annie Levine's love story is a testament to serendipity, faith, and the unifying power of love. Meeting amidst the stately halls and verdant lawns of Auburn University, their connection was immediate and profound. Their bond, enriched by their shared faith and love for each other, swiftly grew from companionship into an enduring love that would culminate in a beautiful union at 21 Acres in Auburn, Alabama.

Their wedding was more than just a celebration; it was a heartfelt testament to their faith and love. As the Auburn sky opened up and poured its blessings, the ceremony took a divine turn. With the rain serving as a heavenly backdrop, Lance, Annie, and their loved ones broke into spontaneous gospel music. As the melodies rose and fell with the rhythm of the rain, everyone present witnessed the pure and raw emotion that the couple shared - it was a surreal spectacle of love and faith intertwining.

The radiance of Lance and Annie's love was undeniable and infectious. It seemed to permeate the air, leaving no one untouched. The rain-soaked ceremony became a testament to their unwavering faith and love, serving as a beautiful symbol of the way they embraced life - with open hearts and trusting in God's plan.

The festivities carried on into the reception, filled with laughter, music, and an unmistakable sense of joy. Earlier in the day, our Director of Photography and second DOP had the unique pleasure of joining the groom and groomsmen for a round of skeet shooting at Auburn Oaks. Amid the exhilaration and camaraderie, our DOPs emerged victorious, outshooting the groomsmen in a playful and unforgettable start to the wedding day.

The God-focused celebration, the shared gospel singing in the rain, and the palpable love between Lance and Annie all contributed to a wedding that transcended the traditional and entered the realm of the extraordinary.

As storytellers, we were deeply privileged to capture Lance and Annie's remarkable journey of faith and love. Their wedding day was not just an event, but a vivid narrative of faith, love, and unity that we had the honor of immortalizing. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their special day, to witness their love, and to narrate their unique love story.


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