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Julia Mae & Luke Dorriety

The Wedding of the Summer

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Julia Mae and Luke Dorriety's love story began in the digital universe of Instagram, a testament to the fact that love can spark in the most unexpected places. Despite the world of pictures and hashtags, their connection was instant and deep, proving that their bond was meant for more than just the digital world. This was the beginning of a love story that would last beyond high school corridors, morphing into a beautiful, lifelong partnership.

Their romance blossomed amid the ordinary rhythms of high school life. They found magic in the mundane - shared laughter over inside jokes, quiet moments under the high school bleachers, and countless shared dreams and aspirations. Their love story became a beacon of light for their peers, a testament to the power of young love and commitment.

Years later, in the heart of Southern Alabama, Julia Mae and Luke vowed their forever love for each other. Luke's parents' house served as the perfect backdrop, symbolizing the warmth and closeness that their families shared. Despite the sweltering heat, nothing could melt the magic of their special day - the day Julia Mae and Luke became one.

Their wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. With Spanish moss adorning the trees, and the enchanting Southern twilight casting long shadows, the setting was beautifully ethereal. The couple’s love seemed to echo in the tranquil Alabama air, making the day an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

The crescendo of the wedding day was their grand exit. As the sun dipped low in the Southern sky, the couple departed under a radiant canopy of confetti thrown aloft by their loved ones. Their exit, showed with joy and promise, was a fitting symbol of their love - vibrant, enduring, and radiating light.

Their friends speak volumes about Julia Mae and Luke's relationship. Their love story, they say, isn't just about romance, but about companionship, respect, and an unwavering commitment to each other. This, they attest, is the true essence of Julia Mae and Luke - a love so profound that it inspires everyone around them.

In a world where high school sweethearts and Instagram encounters rarely lead to forever, Julia Mae and Luke Dorriety have beautifully defied the odds. Their love story serves as an enduring testament to the fact that true love, no matter where it begins, can weather the test of time.

We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to film Julia Mae and Luke's love story. It was not just about creating a wedding video, but about crafting a cinematic love story that mirrors their deep bond. The experience was as beautiful and enriching for us as their tale is inspiring. Their love story will always hold a special place in our hearts, serving as a reminder of the magic we can create when we have a love story as authentic and beautiful as Julia Mae and Luke's to tell.


"This team is more than a couple guys with a camera. They truly complete your wedding day and make you feel so special. They are the FULL package and are so professional! We were amazed at the footage and how well they stayed hidden during those precious moments - we didn’t even know they were there. I will always recommend this team! They have an artistic touch and style of their own that makes them incredibly unique. "

The Dorrietys

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